Chris Ritter

Chris Ritter Performance Coach

Personal Training

Charlotte, NC & Online World Wide

Chris has over a decade of experience successfully coaching a diverse population of athletes and clientele. All ages and abilities have seen results training with Chris, from youth to beginners, masters athletes, even Olympic Gold Medalists. Chris has the wisdom and ability to scale workouts and programs to your current ability but aiming towards your goals. He is always learning and refining the RITTER training methods. His professional and academic credentials include a degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology, CSCS, NASM-PES, USAW and IYCA-YFS. Learn more at 


Ritter Sport Performance is located in Charlotte, NC and has gained a great reputation by working with SwimMac Carolina and their high performance team.  Chris works in-person with athletes in the Charlotte area, but also has an extensive online coaching platform that can help you wherever you’re located in the world!  His program recently gained national and world acclaim due to his online training Summit, that most recently included 3000+ coaches from around the world.  What he provides is perfect for parents, coaches, masters swimmers, age group swimmers, triathletes and the weekend warriors alike!  Ritter Sport Performance is a separate entity from Lifesparq with the mission of providing high quality physical training. 


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