Erin Beskid

Erin Beskid

Certified Mental Performance Coach, AASP #449

Erin believes the goal of performance is to be your best self, consistently. This is achieved through practicing the skills that allow you to choose your focus no matter what is going on inside and/or around you. Her life experiences include being a Peak Performance Coach for elite youth at an academy for 6+ years, teaching at the elementary, high school and college levels, playing college soccer and coaching soccer for 7+ years.  She has also taught snowboarding, worked with injured athletes, has been a weight loss coach, worked at a physical therapy clinic and worked in community mental health among other things.


Erin's goal in performance psychology is to help people have the life they want by meeting them in a common place-sport. She loves working with anyone who has a passion to improve no matter their age skill or level, and she specializes in youth and college age athletes, as well as working with parents and coaches on the sport environment. She has much experience with athletes returning from injury as well as the unique aspects of both team and individual sports.


Erin holds a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education from Washington College in MD and an MA in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver. In her down time she enjoys being outside, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding and playing ice hockey.

Currently, Erin lives in Yellowstone National Park, so she will be available as an online/Skype coach to individuals interested in working with her.


To provide affordable access to education, training and resources to individuals and teams all over the world; to the self-betterment of individuals; and to the continual growth of human high performance.

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