"Lifesparq helped me see there's more to training than just the physical...and when I started to focus on these other things in the right way along with the physical, everything completely changed for me for the better."

                                                                    - Caroline K. (Colorado)

We Get Pro-Active

Every athlete struggles with the mental side of training for and competing in sports.  No matter what they tell you.  Anxiety, detrimental nervousness, depression, and the list goes on. 

Where sports fail miserably, is teaching athletes how to build the mental skills to deal with and overcome these issues more effectively.  

The idea that hard work will teach an athlete these skills is a fallacy....an idea that's creating  more problems, all stemming from lack of awareness and ignorance.

It's time for a change.  It's time to get Pro-Active.


High Performance Consulting


Lifesparq offers two High Performance Consulting programs for individual athletes, or you can combine both for an even higher impact.  Both offer a personalized plan to help you succeed at a higher level...faster.

Performance Psychology Consulting

Sports Nutrition Consulting

Online Course Style Education Programs


Want to raise your awareness before you jump into a personal program, we've got you covered.  Check out our online courses that you can study on your own time, giving you the knowledge to raise your game immediately.

Online Training & Education Programs


To provide affordable access to education, training and resources to individuals and teams all over the world; to the self-betterment of individuals; and to the continual growth of individuals throughout their lifetime.

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