Kylie Shields

Kylie Shields

Mental High Performance Consultant

Kylie is a former elite gymnast who competed at Auburn University. During her time at Auburn, she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Health Promotion and gained a new love and appreciation for the incredible potential the mind and body create when working together. Her passion inspired her to become certified as both a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. After two years of training and teaching, her passion and desire to incorporate beneficial mental aspects to facilitate client’s growth and development grew, and led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver.

Her dream is to educate and evoke the limitless potential each athlete, and person, already has within themselves to not only consistently perform at their best, but ultimately live at their best. Her style consists of incorporating a humanistic approach to focus on whole person development, with tools of empowerment through cognitive-behavioral re-framing, solution-focused talk, and motivational interviewing. She works with both teams and individual athletes of all ages and levels, throughout various domains of sport and performance. Kylie also works with coaches wanting to elevate themselves and their role in athletes lives.


When Kylie isn’t consulting, she enjoys getting outside to enjoy snowboarding, trail running, climbing, and hiking 14-ers. Her other hobbies include yoga, tai chi, tennis, connecting with friends, playing with dogs, reading, and doing handstands.  


To provide affordable access to education, training and resources to individuals and teams all over the world; to the self-betterment of individuals; and to the continual growth of human high performance.

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