Dylan Vas

Dylan Vas

Mental High Performance Consultant

Dylan is from Portland, Oregon, and has a background playing basketball as an athlete.  He also has experience playing baseball, tennis, cricket, ultimate frisbee, and soccer. 

During his time at the University of Oregon, Dylan worked in Dr. Nash Unsworth’s Memory, Attention, and Individual Differences Lab. Dylan ran participants through cognitive tasks, as well as completed his own honors research project on Motivation and Cognition. Dylan also worked for the university’s Pathway Oregon Peer Mentor Program, which aims to help Freshman adjust to all aspects of college life. Dylan received his B.A. in Psychology, with departmental honors, in June 2017. 

Dylan is currently working on an M.A. in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver. He is interested in working with all types and levels of performance, and is passionate about aiding people in their process to perform to the best of their ability, as well as in their effort to live to a high standard of overall well-being.

Outside of gaining consulting experience and his education, Dylan enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, cooking, participating in sports, and supporting his many favorite sport teams. 


To provide affordable access to education, training and resources to individuals and teams all over the world; to the self-betterment of individuals; and to the continual growth of human high performance.

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